TV Commercials

John West Salmon

David played the role of the fighting bear

The ad became so popular that it turned into one of the world's first internet virals.

It starts, tamely enough, in the style of a nature documentary, showing a group of bears catching salmon at the mouth of a river.

But things take a turn for the downright bizarre when a John West fisherman enters the fray and starts fighting one of the bears, kung-fu style.

The entertaining bout ends when the fisherman distracts the bear by pointing to an imaginary eagle and kicks his adversary in the balls.

The ad was viewed online by more than 300 million people by 2006 and Leo Burnett picked up the BTAA Commercial of the Year in 2001 for the ad.

VW Golf Commercial

David Stunt co-ordinated and his fight arranger was Mike Lambert.

This is the new ad for the next generation Golf. The Fight is based in the car factory and the central guy fights different versions of himself throughout the ad coming out on top at the end. Basically saying that this is the best golf yet

NSPCC Falling Boy

David stunt coordinated this most recent TV Commercial 2018.